Panther m10 matchmaking

Age: 29
Weight: 158
Height: 47
Size: 2
Actually almost all of the premiums have a flaw or two, this is most certainly to keep away the P2W crowd. May 31, at 2: Removal from Sales as part of the WG retirement plan.
As people have said they are hurting their most loyal supporters and collectors the most. I have all three and they play fairly similar. The monster of WW2, surely it most be epic! Ultimately, all of the vehicles were destroyed or disabled in the fighting.

Status Report

Age: 28
Weight: 172
Height: 52
Size: 4
You always have to queue 14 players to be XP pinata for 6 players in this retarded template. Beornotns, on Nov 28 -
Boogie0ne VLNT ingame: Tier for tier, panther 8. Bring on these changes, they cant be any worse than the tanks are now. Mutz is better tank overall but not in every situation. Even at tier 10 you rarely get to see tier 9s let alone tier 8s unless you get lucky.
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