Christian dating getting back together

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I recently went through a breakup with a man I was convinced I was going to marry for 2 years. Similar to the above scenario, if you are dropping all your previous interests and friends in order to spend more time with your partner, you have another red flag.
When I first read about you I scrolled through your Facebook photos and realized your bf played football and it reminded me of my first two years in college supporting my boyfriend at every game. It caused me to seek God on a personal level, not just a churchy level. Healing isn't the easy way, though. So how can you stop going back to your ex as a Christian? I had every reason to be happy but at some point throughout the day, between tailgate tents and backyard barbecue, something inside of me broke.

Christian Relationship Advice: How to Stop Going Back to Your Ex

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Do this because you are trying to honor God.
I can't tell you exactly what to do but I can pass on the advice my mama reminded me of over the phone that day. But there is one specific thing you said here that really reached into my spirit and touched me and that was this:. H ow can you stop going back to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? It simply means give yourself permission to let go. By mid afternoon, I found myself wishing I had someone special to share such a sweet memory with. The reason you should have boundaries in a dating relationship is because when they are crossed you end up hurting yourself and your ex.
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