Dating dry drunk

Age: 27
Weight: 158
Height: 46
Size: 2
The course of a person's life is determined by how they balance their desire for power and the penalties that accrue in the pursuit of power. Alcoholics and addicts tend to exhibit particularly negative perspectives about themselves, others and the world about them.
I'm going to be talking about a codependent dry drunk rather than an alcoholic dry drunk. Start with Alcohol Detox. What's a dry drunk? If they can get that that sort of support, the "covert" aggression is likely to become open "overt" aggression, and suddenly the reservoir of anger under the surface layer of gooey "niceness" is apparent. Feelings of being bored or dissatisfied with life begin to creep in. People who were bullied are at higher risk of becoming bullies without recognizing their own behavior as bullying.

The Dry Drunk

Age: 27
Weight: 156
Height: 51
Size: 4
An alcoholic experiencing a dry drunk can get better with help.
He was great in the beginning, perfect, complimenting me, seeming to be a easy going guy, attentive, fun loving. If you love him, leave him. Slowly, insidiously, it seems like all the triggers that once might have been a good reason to pick up a bottle are still there. Magical thinking can involve unrealistic expectations, unreasonable goals, and simply believing that things will occur if they are wished for hard enough. Loved ones may not recognize the symptoms, since they're used to the behavior. Also, in a very real sense they were abandoned by the other parent who failed to protect them. To date I have never had a person walk through my door that was not self medicating an underlying psychological issue.
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