Dating someone with a security clearance

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Notre Dame's Manti Te'o isn't alone in regretting an online relationship.
If marital status is a concern, you could search for evidence of his divorce. You could also temporarily change your privacy settings on LinkedIn and anonymously check out his profile. While that's always been true if your spouse is from a hostile nation, now even spouses from allied nations can pose problems. That goes for naturalized citizens with clearances from those nations as well. They might let you get away with using your wife's pain prescription.

Dating history could block security clearance

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But these days, it can just as easily be a matter of taking legal drugs illegally. Dating safety, security, and truth-in-advertising.
And whatever your secret is, don't think you'll be able to keep it forever. I also realized that my gut is fairly accurate! They're getting caught left and right," Price says. Books on explosives have been red flags in clearance investigations in the past. Clearance problems arise "when someone is unwilling to recognize they have a problem, unwilling to follow medical guidance, unwilling to take their meds, and then they start having behavior issues. David Price, a former military judge turned private attorney who specializes in helping troops and military contractors with clearance problems. We hung out after the ride over lunch — and had a really nice time.
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